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Bespoke, Creative, Trusted

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I'm Luke, a freelance website designer with a proven track record of helping companies reach the right level with their website. with a lot of experience with WordPress and Woocommerce; as well as coding bespoke websites without a CMS. I truely believe I could help your business reach the next level. I have worked with a lot of different types of companies, from plumbers to multi national clothing lines. My websites have proven to increase sales and establish a standout reputation, which means I have the experience to tailor a consumer’s experience with your business.

working on a wide range of projects as well as a wide range of people allowed me to tailor my service to be more than just a basic website package you could get from anyone off the internet. I allow you at every point to view the project with proof stages along each stage. this way we can fine tune it to your needs.


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Luke Blacow

About Me

A designer with a twist...

Over the past 4 years I have gone from designing logos and graphics for esports teams to becoming a full time website designer / builder but still maintained my flair for branding. from here I moved to coding basic html plain text websites at school and then creating basic and fun games in python. I never lost this love of coding and still go back to python every so often! Working with Baltic Training services to get my level 3 and 4 in software and web development really allowed me to hone my skills to where they could be applied to major corporations more effectively.

It also taught me how to communicate my ideas effectively as well as making sure we are on the same wavelength.

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